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Cannot be silent!

Greetings! Chossen Music here. This blog is not just for the music but this is a place of freedom and a push for peace. So, Wednesday night I had a conversation and a band rehearsal with my white constitutes about Black Lives Matter. The conversation did not get heated, but emotional. I explained my position of being scared to be a black man and even more concern about what to tell my kids about what to do when they are approached by a police officer. I realized I had no right answer. If they comply what happens when they are provoked. When do they fight back, how do they fight back with a person with a gun that is not afraid of pulling the trigger because they are afraid of you? I broke down and they saw the vulnerability that this situation makes me. They were thankful for the conversation because they did not know about my perspective.

The time to be silent is over! We see all the chaos that these situations are causing. My career is surrounded by all opinionated people who are passionate both ways on what "Black Lives Matters" mean. The reality is we see Blacks being treated differently. We see the struggle they are going through and we cannot be silent. Wrong is wrong and if we are so into letting justice be served then police need to stop being the judge, jury, and executioner of black lives. There is no justification for unarmed anybody be gunned downed, choked, or beaten to death, while others can walk around with an assault rifle and get a peace arrest. Use your voice, speak up! That is my goal with the platform I have. I cannot be silent, my voice will be heard.

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